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We have always had an appreciation for the Appalachian Mountain Regions.  We raised our 5  girls on God and family adventures and many of our adventures included ATV riding or mountain vacations.

 In 2015, good friends invited us on an adventure to combine both through a weekend introduction of the Hatfield McCoy Trail System of West Virginia.  Our love for the Allegheny Mountains and its people began and has grown.  As empty-nesters, we decided to relocate our southern roots to West Virginia.  We hope you fall in love too with the diverse landscape and breathtaking beauty of the state often referred to as Almost Heaven! 

Safe Trail Riding!

Why "Owl's Nest"?

Many of the trail rides through Southern West Virginia will take you through towns that have suffered great economic loss over several decades.  It is not uncommon to see remnants and ruins of schools, historic town buildings and homes.  The state decided in many cases to close down school buildings and consolidate students into newer and fewer schools rather than to renovate or restore existing structures.  The Big Creek High School in War, WV was one such building.  We wanted to give honor to the local alumni, the Big Creek Owls, who's high school was abandoned by the state, later destroyed by fire, and eventually demolished.  

Thank you to all the Big Creek Owls and their families for welcoming outsiders to enjoy your beautiful mountains, your culture, and your hospitality!

Even the grandchildren love this Place!
Owl's Nest

Conveniently located just yards from the Warrior Trail System and within close proximity to town where you can find all the things you need to enjoy your stay and pack for a long trail ride!  

See our Local Amenities and Sights Page for more information.

Please call, text or email to let us know how we can make your stay more enjoyable!

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